Have you been told too "Just Relax" when trying to get pregnant?

Stress and infertility and ways to manage with a fertility coach

Dealing with infertility can be stressful to say the very least. Here are some ways to deal with stress naturally, and no, it's not "Just Relax"!

When struggling with infertility, a few of the most common "suggestions" people make are "just relax", go on vacation and get drunk, don't think about it and it will happen.

The problem is, relaxing won't cure infertility, just like relaxing won't cure any other medical condition, like diabetes, IBS, or even cancer. Like come on, would you tell someone with cancer to Just Relax.

Infertility causes stress! Stress does not cause infertility.

Here's the catch. When we become stressed, it plays havoc on so many things making our fertility journey a whole lot harder!

It can toss our hormones right out of balance, it puts tension on our whole body, including our ovaries and uterus, and how can a healthy embryo live in a hostile tense house for nine months?

So, we understand that stress is bad for our fertility, but what can we do to lower our stress?

Dear Fertility Sisters

I want you to take notice of your body throughout the day. Do you need to do any of the following?

  • Lower your shoulders
  • Unclench your jaw
  • Lower your tongue from the roof of your mouth

If so, these are common signs of physical tension reflecting the constant pressure we are put under, not even including fertility stress. It’s 2021, we all have tension and stress no matter what we have going on in our lives.

This is our body telling us to slow down and take time for ourselves, but we never seem to listen, as we always have one more thing to do or to worry about.

I have put together some easy things you can do each and every day to lower you stress, naturally!

Yoga for Fertility Stress 

Fertility yoga to help relieve stress, stress and infertility,

Fertility Yoga to destress

Just one class can reduce stress and anxiety, help clear your mind and release the tightness in your muscles. Can you imagine what happens when you start practicing it regularly? I personally do online Yoga with Adriene on youtube every morning and it's so amazing. It's relaxing, eases all the tension in my muscles, and gets the blood flowing to my uterus and ovaries. Can we say, fertility-boosting!


Meditation Benefits for Infertility

Meditation has so many benefits to help you on your fertility journey

When you are going through infertility, the noise in your head can be very loud, making it hard to make the right decisions. Give yourself a time of silence and just focus on breathing and being in the present moment. You will have better brain function, sleep better, find it easier to concentrate and be able to manage your stress. Even if it's only one minute a day, need help with finding a meditation perfect for infertility, send me a message, I have a few.


walking to reduce infertility stress

Walking is my favourite fertility booster

Walking gives you a chance to be alone with just your thoughts and work through your worries. It releases endorphins into your brain which improves your mood and loosens tense muscles. Walking increases your blood circulation and energy levels, helping you deal with stress in a positive way. We have a private facebook club, where all the ladies are walking and drinking smoothies. If you would like to join the other fertility sisters tap here. Fertility Booster Club


Sleep is important for egg quality, and balancing your hormones

Importance of sleep for infertility

Sleep recharges the mind and releases built up pressure. A regular sleep routine improves mood, calms the body, enhances concentration, and boosts egg quality. You are able to cope with stress better when you are well-rested.


Aromatherapy to calm stress while infertile

Aromatherapy to reduce stress

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that improves physical well-being with natural plant essential oils. It has endless health benefits such as relieving depression, anxiety, & stress along with helping you sleep better, provides energy, focus, takes away headaches, eases sore muscles, and increases circulation. I have created a special blend called Chill Out Aromatherapy with my Bloomiss line of products. The bonus...Chill Out is the perfect blend when you put on the bottoms of your feet to help you sleep.

Get a Fertility Coach 

Why you should get a fertility coach

The benefits of hiring a fertility coach

Coaching is something I wish; I would have had at the start of my journey. Having the guidance of someone with experience and a fresh perspective is often the little difference that can make a big impact. Accountability, weighing the pro's and con's and having your own personal cheerleader can often push you to your goal faster.

Book a Free Fertility Coaching Session 

Book a free fertility coaching call

Free Fertility Coaching Session

If you're stuck in your fertility journey or feel like you are spinning out of control, book a 25 minute FREE fertility coaching session with me. We will chat about your journey so far and see what we can do to help you get your baby faster.

Please feel free to send me a message on meditation or any other question you have, and I would be happy to set up a time for a conversation


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