Recommended Products

Discover a meticulously curated selection by Crystal of products designed to enhance your reproductive well-being on your fertility journey. From wellness tools that foster balance and relaxation to nourishing foods, each item is thoughtfully chosen to optimize your reproductive health. While some products may earn me an affiliate fee, not all do. Additionally, I actively negotiate discounts on select items, including foods, to further support you on your path to parenthood.

Premium Fertility Essentials:


When time is tight, my go-to ready-made bone broth is a lifesaver. This nourishing elixir not only satisfies my taste buds but also reduces inflammation, enhances egg and sperm quality, and strengthens the uterus, ensuring a strong foundation for the fertility journey. 

Bone broth for fertility


For my fellow fertility sisters who enjoy a daily coffee boost, these two creamers are my go-to choices. They not only provide the perfect pick-me-up but also enhance focus without causing brain fog. The best part? No craving for a second cup—satisfying and supporting a balanced routine. 

coffee creamer that is good for you and your fertility



Pumpkin seeds and Fertility are two things that are the perfect combo. Elan has an USDA Organic and a Certified Canadian Organic seed that is perfect for seed cycling or for boosting sperm. 

Elan Organic Pumpkin Seeds - for seed cycling or improving sperm health