Everyday I am becoming healthier, happier, and fertile! I am ready to be a mother. 

I love 💕 this affirmation!

I say it every day - a couple of times a day even.

Yes, Affirmations Do Work...When said with intention.

Affirmations are often a sense of fertility support that we need. 

Every time that I say I am becoming healthier, happier and fertile, I believe it because I am taking the steps to become my words. I am choosing foods that boost my fertility, I am doing activities like hiking and yoga that put my body in alignment with a healthy pregnancy and I am doing things each day that I truly enjoy making me happier. When you choose an affirmation select ones that you resonate with and live those words each day! 

Join us on our 30 days of affirmations to give you the boost you need during those challenging times. We will have different ones for every day, during the different stages or your cycle as well as while you are going through your different treatments. 

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