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Who's stressed out? 

Infertility causes stress.

Stress does not cause infertility. 

The truth is...if you can manage your stress, your mind and body will get out of the fight or flight mode which helps make a happy womb.

This gift set is made for fertility warriors by Bloomiss.

The four clean ingredient products are formulated to help you reduce stress, muscle tension, and help you sleep. 

The products that are included in the stress free bundle are:

Tension Balm Stick - 100% natural, soothes and eases the stress away. This is a Bloomiss best selling product. Sore stiff necks, muscle pain, headaches, it takes it all away. 

Chill Out Aromatherapy - perfect for anxiety, stress, and to help you sleep.  

Release Aromatherapy - good-bye headaches, this peppermint aromatherapy blend will help keep those headaches at bay.

Tension Balm Tin - melts away tension in your neck and anywhere you have tense muscles. 

All the products are made with clean natural ingredients. Free of toxins and parabens. Nothing to harm your fertility. 

Releasing tension is an important key in your fertility puzzle. 

If you need more help on dealing with tension, stress, and anxiety, book a session with me. Here's the link for a free fertility coaching session. Book here