I'm Crystal


Hey, I'm Crystal

I believe that you can take back the power and gain control over your fertility. With battling infertility for over seven years, I have learned so much that I wish I would have known from the beginning of my journey. I am now a trained fertility coach and doula and nothing would make me happier than to guide you through your journey. I took a break on my own journey for the past of couple years, but I am excited to share that I will be going on this journey with you. I will be sharing all the knowledge, treatments, practitioners, and things that will help boost my fertility and yours too. Come along for the ride and let's work together to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Join me in our private support group on facebook, come to my in person workshops or let's work together one on one in a specialized fertility program just for you. We don't have to be on this journey alone and we can feel empowered on our journey!