How to eliminate toxins from your daily beauty routine.

 fertility safe beauty, skincare, and aromatherapy products.

Nasty toxins can be found in many products you use daily. Some of the most harmful toxins are found in our beauty products. 

I realized a little bit ago, that there was a huge link between my infertility and the products I was using. I was the girl that loved all the amazing smelling body butters, lotions, body sprays, perfumes, or the newest lip gloss! I didn't have a clue that the ingredients in these products were messing up my hormones, my cycle, and my fertility. 

I created a line of clean beauty products called Bloomiss to help eliminate nasty toxins from our daily beauty routines. 

So, the question is, how to we eliminate toxins from our daily beauty routines. 

I always suggest to go take a peek now and see what's in your cupboard. Flip the bottle around and read the ingredients. 

IMPORTANT Don't just read the front of the bottle, and think because it says natural, green, organic, preservative-free, or chemical-free, it's safe! These are "marketing words", you really need to look at the list of ingredients. 

Now sure what you are looking for. Take a peek at the Bloomiss blog post, Chemicals in Cosmetics and their Impact on Fertility

Where to start? 

Chances are you have found toxic ingredients in some of the products you have been using. Most of us can't afford to toss all the products we own and start fresh. If you can, amazing! If not, start with one product at a time. 

To make it easy, we have added some of our favourite fertility safe Bloomiss products to our fertility website. So, it's easy for you to find what you need, we put them in three categories for you. 

Self-Care Products 

Clean Beauty Products

Clean Natural Skincare

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