Crystal's Famous Guacamole

Crystal's Famous Guacamole

Here’s my recipe for My Famous Guacamole!

Well kinda recipe…I don’t accurately measure anything when I cook, but don’t worry, yours will be just as tasty!  

It’s simple and easy, and oh so fresh!

Seriously, this will be come your favourite guac. No fillers, no extra stuff, just good for you nutrients!

Avocado Fertility Boosting Foods


3-4 Avocados - ripe but not too ripe – just those perfect ones – a little squishy!

1 small red onion

1 large tomato 

a bunch of cilantro (see I told you I didn't measure)

1 jalapeno

1 garlic bulb - you don't need to use that much, but, why wouldn't you?

2 limes

sea salt and pepper 

Cilantro has so much nutrients, perfect for fertility


In a bowl mix together...

1. Avocado - mash together in a bowl - (those egg mashers work perfect)

2. Tomato – chop it up – try and take out as much of the tomato juice as you can

3. Red Onion – small - cut small

4. Garlic – chop, mince, or both

5. Jalapeno - I like to chop it super small, make sure to take out the seeds. 
(Tip - use gloves when chopping - and do not touch your eyes - yes, I learned the hard way)

6. Cilantro - Wash and dry, then rough chop it. I use two big handfuls

7. Grate the peel of the limes, then squeeze all the juice out of it 

8. Sea Salt is key - Salt generously and add some pepper too! 

Stir and mix as much as you like. 

Remember – this is chunky texture guacamole so chop and cut the ingredients your way. Make it your own, have some fun!

Grab your favourite taco chip, Gluten free of course, right fertility sisters, and ENJOY! 

Fresh Guacamole, made with fertility diet foods

I would love to know how yours turns out, and if it's your new fave. 

Oh and don't forget to take a pic and tag @fertilityblooms on social! 



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