Fertility Chats with Crystal

Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Egg Donation and Surrogacy with Nurse Petra

There are so many questions around what is involved with egg donors and surrogacy. Listen to our conversation with Nurse Petra and let's clarify some of the misconceptions around this topic!
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How Homeopathy can help with Infertility. Does mindset help infertility?

How does Homeopathy help Infertility?

What's Homeopathy? Can it help your fertility journey? Watch our interview with Meghan from Healthy and Healing Homeopathy to find out.
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How do you get a surrogate? What is a surrogate? Can I get a surrogate in Canada?

Surrogacy: Fact or Fiction

There are so many myths surrounding surrogacy in Canada, we had to chat with Angela from the Canadian Surrogacy Community to clear up some of the big questions up surrounding this topic.
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